What are Your Priorities?

Life Hacks - Part 1

Within each day, God gives us 24 hours to spend as we choose. Most of these hours, however, are spent fulfilling basic responsibilities. We have to work, we have to sleep, we have to eat, we might have to take care of others…but what else takes priority in your day? Knowing our priorities is key […]

Your Story Matters

The Case For Christ - Part 4

In the Bible, we are told that to be saved, we only need to believe in Jesus (see Romans 10:9). Through the simple act of believing, we can also become empowered by Jesus to do amazing things in His name, and that includes sharing His free gift of salvation with others through our words and […]

Your Story is Meant to be Shared

The Case For Christ - Part 4

Have you ever been so absorbed in a story that life seemed to stand still for a while? Maybe you’ve recently binged your favorite show on Netflix, or maybe you’ve read a book you just couldn’t put down, or maybe you went to the movies and forgot about everything that was happening outside of the […]