Roots that grow DEEP!

I have, for a long time, been fascinated by trees! How does a tree survive forest fire? When a flood rips through an area, how do trees stay rooted in the ground and not just get washed away? Tornadoes pass and level homes, entire towns sometimes to the ground and strip branches right off the […]

Surrender vs. Striving!

Surrender, in the mind of most people, has a negative connotation. You surrender to the opposition, you lay your weapons down in defeat, you give up something that you really don’t want to! Surrender isn’t something most people seek out or strive to achieve…it’s much more common to strive for victory, conquering our opponent or […]

Our IDENTITY comes FROM Christ!

It’s bittersweet for me to be finishing up our New Identity series….it’s such an important topic for us to understand in our walk with CHRIST! If we really get this ONE truth our relationship with God and with others would be revolutionized! What is that ONE TRUTH?? OUR IDENTITY ONLY COMES FROM CHRIST!!! When we […]