Why do churches do weird things….

Sometimes as an outsider, before I became a follower of Jesus, I thought churches did weird things! Why do they all drink this little cup of juice and eat a tiny bite of cracker together? What’s with the singing all together, are they a school choir or something? Why do they dunk each other under […]

Cross of Christ=New Identity

It was amazing getting to experience Easter with SO many of you this year! It hardly seems possible that just 1 year ago there was only 4 of us in the worship space trying to put together an online experience! So grateful that this year we have gotten to learn and grow as a community […]

Bible stories that relate!

I love diving into the bible stories I learned as a child now that I’m an adult. Looking at Daniel and the Lion’s Den with fresh perspective and the bend to apply it to my actual life brings me great joy and sharing that with all of you is my extreme pleasure! I’m actually astounded […]