Habits we do in Community?

This past weekend we talked about corporate habits. Habits that we do as a community don’t really top the list of “most thought about” concerns! Changing our diet, picking up the habit of exercising or shutting our phone/computers down at 9:00 pm…these are things WE CAN CONTROL!! But, choosing to participate in a group habit….that […]

Healthy Habits!!

I WANT WHAT BLEEDS OUT OF ME TO BE WHAT GOD WOULD WANT!!! One of my favorite statements this past weekend! What do other people see “bleeding” out of me…is it forgiveness or condemnation…is it patience or contrariness…is it kindness or callousness? I want what pours out of me to represent GOD and not my […]

Roots that grow DEEP!

I have, for a long time, been fascinated by trees! How does a tree survive forest fire? When a flood rips through an area, how do trees stay rooted in the ground and not just get washed away? Tornadoes pass and level homes, entire towns sometimes to the ground and strip branches right off the […]