The PATH to living Your FULL POTENTIAL!

Circumstances can definitely create tensions in our lives. When I get THAT job, then I’ll be satisfied! If only my wife would….then we could be happy! If my kids would just listen, life would be SO much easier! Looking at our circumstances can, at times, be overwhelming and we tend to equate what we are […]

Healthy Conflict….do these words even go together?

If we are involved in any relationship, we are going to inevitably have conflict. I know a lot of romcoms may depict love and relationship differently BUT reality dictates that we WILL HAVE conflict…and I believe there is a way to have those two words HEALTHY and CONFLICT in the same sentence. This weekend we […]

Influence…doesn’t just come oozing out of people. It is earned!!

Jesus taught us an incredible lesson on Influence! Shortly before his ministry on earth was completed…he did something that the disciples couldn’t believe and surely didn’t WANT to happen. One evening when they were all reclining to eat dinner together, Jesus stood up, wrapped a towel around his waist and grabbed a basin. Customarily people […]