The Power of Hope When Life Seems Impossible

Hope is a powerful thing. It may help you keep going when life seems to be impossible and you want to give up. Unfortunately, the power of hope is something we frequently overlook when we are going through difficult circumstances.

What is hope?

Hope is the belief that something good will happen in the future, even when things are bad right now. It’s the belief that things will get better, no matter how bad they seem at the moment. Don’t make the mistake of thinking hope is just optimism…it is so much more than that, so much deeper!

Finding hope.

When you are feeling hopeless, it can be hard to find hope. But it is still there, waiting for you. Here are some ways I find hope when I’m struggling:

1. Recognize that I am feeling hopeless.

This was difficult for me to reach a point in my life where I was able to openly state the words of my feelings of hopelessness. To be honest, I didn’t want others to know. However, I couldn’t even begin to discover hope until I recognized the sensation of hopelessness for what it was

2. Look at things from a different perspective.

It’s important to acknowledge the truth of what’s happening around you. But, if all I can see are the dark places in life then it’s time to get some perspective. Ask for prayer…ask for advice…get the help you need so you can find what it is that will keep you going.

3. Acknowledge that the feeling is temporary.

The feeling of hopelessness can be paralyzing. Believe me I know. But I also know it’s temporary. It may take time but you will get to the other side. This is where having support systems – friends, family, mentors, church- can help you through your feelings and remind you it’s temporary.

4. Remember God is the source of hope.

God is the source of all hope. I believe in God…in his power…in His love for me…and in His plan for my life. My faith in Him keeps hope alive.  When everything else seems to be falling apart, God gives us hope!

The power of hope, the power of God, will see you through tough times so don’t give up! God can show us what it means to have hope because He knows what lies ahead even when we don’t see the path clearly. As you trust Him you can continue on your journey one step at a time knowing that there is always hope in Him.