Blazing furnace vs. fiery trial

Vacations remind me that rest is important. That family is important. That God’s creation is outstanding. AND that I miss my church family when I’m away and appreciate them even more when I return! These blessings, church, family, creation…can actually quickly get in the way of my worship! And this weekend we touched on this […]

Bible stories that relate!

I love diving into the bible stories I learned as a child now that I’m an adult. Looking at Daniel and the Lion’s Den with fresh perspective and the bend to apply it to my actual life brings me great joy and sharing that with all of you is my extreme pleasure! I’m actually astounded […]

The great Bible Stories….are they relevant?

Just have FAITH…. Have you ever had someone tell you that? You just lost your job and are stressed about how to make your next rent payment, you just got a diagnosis from your doctor that is unexpected and scary, your dad just had a heart attack, and you wonder if he will recover, you […]