3 Guidelines for Real Growth

Life On Mission - Part 5

In the past three weeks at Alive Church, we’ve discussed different ways we can fulfill Jesus’ mission for our lives, which is to go and make disciples. Connecting with others, sharing our stories and serving those around us are three ways we can show God’s light and love to others. Engaging in these three actions […]

Splagchnon (or Compassion)

Life On Mission - Part 3

When we look at Jesus’ life on Earth, we know that service was an integral part of it. Everywhere He went, He made people aware of God’s love by personally helping them. What motivated Him to do these things? It was Splagchnon (pronounced splangkh-non). Splagchnon is the word used in the Greek text of Luke 10:33, […]

When We Isolate, We Don’t Relate

Life On Mission - Part 2

When my wife Kathy and I were on sabbatical, we spent most of that time away from home and even away from civilization. We hooked our RV to our truck and stayed in remote places, where we became recharged in the peacefulness around us. But we also found a newfound appreciation for being part of […]