How To Have More Focus, Creativity And Peace

As the title suggests focus, creativity, and peace, is found in doing one thing. It may shock and surprise you. It’s something you did when you were a kid, but somewhere along the line it felt a little too childish and most adults give it up. I want to suggest for the sake of your […]

How To Release The Creative Genius In You

Many people think that genius creative ideas is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. A moment of epiphany based on fate or luck. But those who are perpetually creative will tell you that creative genius is more of a discipline. Also, developing a system for triggering creativity plays a […]

6 Techniques to Foster Creativity

Creativity is elusive. No wonder some folks conjure up creative means of capturing it. Some advocate getting out of the office. Southern California marketing entrepreneur Charles Davis finds an impromptu trip to an art museum inspiring. “Just the act of walking among great art and feeling the energy of masterworks, oftentimes avant-garde, brings forth ideas,” […]