The Data is in: Prayer Saves Marriages

Life Hacks - Part 4

We tend to think of marriage as simply an agreement or bond between two people, but the truth is that it goes deeper than that. Marriage unites two people into one, which Paul defines as “a great mystery” in Ephesians. God has made this mystery to bring glory not to us but to His church […]

Honoring Marriage

Life Hacks - Part 4

Just like any relationship, marriage requires a lot of work — and even more reliance on God — to be successful. This past weekend at Alive Church, our Next Steps Pastor Steve Tanner offered some Life Hacks to help us see what we can do to foster this success and to dig deeper into God’s […]

Two are United into One (Not Three, Four, Five…)

Life Hacks - Part 3

As a pastor who has worked with many couples and as a married man, I can say that the first years of marriage are hard. It’s a huge life adjustment, and many struggle to successfully adapt to married life. But did you know that the divorce rate among those who have been married for 20 […]