Surrender vs. Striving!

Surrender, in the mind of most people, has a negative connotation. You surrender to the opposition, you lay your weapons down in defeat, you give up something that you really don’t want to! Surrender isn’t something most people seek out or strive to achieve…it’s much more common to strive for victory, conquering our opponent or […]

The great Bible Stories….are they relevant?

Just have FAITH…. Have you ever had someone tell you that? You just lost your job and are stressed about how to make your next rent payment, you just got a diagnosis from your doctor that is unexpected and scary, your dad just had a heart attack, and you wonder if he will recover, you […]

Is dating just a demoralizing waiting game?

This weekend Steve Tanner talked about our last topic in the Back to Basics series, it’s been an interesting few weeks speaking on Love, Sex and Dating! Interestingly the Bible doesn’t say much about dating, but there is a lot of information in the Bible about right relationships and what better place to be sure to experience right relationships than in dating and marriage!?!

Steve shared a very interesting quote by June Hunt “Some singles approach dating as a demoralizing waiting game, others a desperate mating game, still others a deceitful baiting game” At the core their mindset is, I have to have someone to meet my needs, but God’s view of dating is very different.