7 Qualities Of Olympic Champions That Apply To All Of Life

Olympic ChampionsI love the Winter Olympics, especially all of the skiing and snowboarding competitions. Watching all these champions this week got me thinking about potential characteristics that they may all have in common and how we can apply them to live our lives every day as a champion – a masterpiece.  I did some research and found that there are many studies on the subject and most of the research all agrees that Olympic champions have commonality.  Here are the top 7:

1. Desire and Enthusiasm:

This is not something someone has talked them into. They are passionate about their sport and are fueled with their inward passion. Studies show that regardless of talent, skill, or ability, they all have high desire and enthusiasm. All success in life begins with a dream and vision that is fueled with desire and passion.

2. Courage:

If you have watched the winter games at all you have surely recognized that all of the sports require courage. Not only does it take courage to “do” the sports, it takes courage to compete against the greatest athletes in the world and push themselves outside of their comfort zone to places they have never been before, mentally and physically. To live life as the masterpiece God created you to be you need the courage to test your limits and break through barriers.

3. Self-Motivation:

These champions didn’t get the gold because someone else wanted them to get it. They have a deep motivation within, this is their choice. They put in the hours of training and practice because they are self-motivated. They are doing what they want to do. Knowing the “why” behind why you do what you do is key to staying self-motivated.

4. Excellence Mentality:

Olympic champions are committed to excellence in their sport. They are committed to being the best they can be and settle for nothing less. It is easy in life to be good and settle for good. These athletes are brutally honest about whether or not they are giving it their absolute best and are willing to do what it takes to push themselves to the limit and stretch to be excellent. You must be honest with yourself about where you are just getting by and get committed to living a life of excellence to live life as the masterpiece God created you to be.

5. Focus, Focus, Focus:

The athletes have all developed the ability and skill to concentrate and focus regardless of pressure, stresses, and circumstances. They develop this skill set by putting themselves in circumstances of distraction and practice keeping their attention focused. To live on a new level make it a practice to continue developing the ability to focus even in adverse circumstances.

6. Dealing with Difficulty:

They are not afraid to deal with difficult situations; in fact they purposefully press through difficulty and see these circumstances as character builders. They perceive difficulty as opportunities and are challenged by them. How do you see difficulties you may be facing? Do you perceive your difficult circumstances as defeating or do you see them as challenging opportunities to grow, develop, and become the masterpiece God created you to be?

7. Hard Work:

Olympic champions are hard workers, committed to do whatever it takes every day to train and prepare for gold-medal living. They are consistent, willing to press through fatigue, difficulties, and personal problems. For success in living you cannot shy away from the hard work that is required to live your potential. This is a Biblical principal: sowing and reaping.

Consider each of these 7 qualities. Rate yourself in each of them and prayerfully consider what you need to do in each area to raise your rating in each area and live life at the next level – masterpiece living!

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