Know When to Say No

Life Hacks - Part 1

What we choose as our priorities and how we spend our time each day speaks volumes about who we are. We are often proud of our work, our families, and our communities, who all get a share of our time. And one thing we can say about most people living now is that we are […]

You Have Time for a Rich and Satisfying Life

Life Hacks - Part 1

Have you ever found yourself saying “I wish I had more hours in the day”? When we get caught up in the busyness of life, it’s easy for us to wish this, but the truth is, we have more time in the day than we might think. In part one of our Life Hacks series […]

Finding Your Sweet Spot

The Sound of Grace - Part 3

As we come to the end of the week, I hope you have thought about ways that you can serve God. If you’re like me, maybe you realize it all comes down to one lingering question: “Where do I start?” The good news about serving is that you don’t have to have a solid plan […]