Penny For Your Thoughts

pennyMany of you have joined me in carrying a penny this week as a reminder of our liberty we have in Jesus.  In hopes that every time we touch the penny, that we carry with us, or see it laying on our night stand that we would be reminded that Jesus gave us freedom for success not for selfishness.

I am amazed at how such a simple thing can be such a powerful reminder throughout the day. While pennies are plentiful, I have been keeping the same one in my pocket since Saturday evening service and its presence has prompted a lot of prayers this week.

Four questions for making every decision in such a way as to guard our freedom:

  1. Does this build me up?
  2. Does this bother my conscious?
  3. How will this influence others?
  4. Is this the loving thing to do?

Imagine how different our lives would be today had we made every decision in the past based on those thoughtful questions. The good news is our future can be very different as we consider these questions prayerfully prior to making new decisions.

See you this weekend as we begin a new series: Happy New You!