Monday Morning Ramblings

Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend. Had a nice quiet Thanksgiving with my family, we went to see a movie, a Love family tradition, “Old Dogs”. I laughed so hard. Great flick, Kathy and I highly recommend it, although it may be more funny to be because of my age!

So much to be thankful for. God has truly blessed us beyond anything we can imagine. So grateful for the grace and mercy of God. So grateful for freedom in Jesus Christ. Pretty grateful that the UofA beat ASU on Saturday evening as well, our Oro Valley campus pastor, Jim Phillips, would have been gloating the rest of the year if ASU had won!

Over the weekend I finished teaching the weekend series “The Secret”. The Tupperware is gone but not forgotten. (I know it wasn’t really Tupperware). Pastor Jim will probably start wearing his ASU jersey again, but prayerfully our lives are transformed!

I love this time of year, the holiday season, that begun with Thanksgiving. Everything is headed toward Christmas. This morning I have been finalizing the notes for our Christmas series, “Born To Be Wild”. I haven’t started any shopping yet, I am not a Black Friday person at all!!! I’d rather sleep in the day after Thanksgiving than save a few bucks! I’m one of those guys that all of the stores stay opened on Christmas Eve. for.

My sister turned the big “50” on Saturday, (happy B.D. Julie, I hope you get the cowboy boots I sent in the mail!) that means I am only 18 months behind. I use to always wonder why we quit saying our age in months, you know what I mean. Young parents will always say their baby is 18 months old or 20 months. I use to think that we should all stay with the months thing but now that I am nearing 50 I see why we all switched to years. Image saying I am 600 months old!

The best news of the weekend: there were several people who made commitments to follow Jesus!!! Yeah God!!!!!!!

I want to encourage you all to be praying for folks in need here at Alive and in our community. God is a good God and has it all in control. Let’s pray for His provision.