3 Things To Align Your Values

Change is not something most of us like, but it is necessary to align our values with Jesus’ values. This week on Life Palette we have been looking at the importance of values on your personal Life Palette. Get your values right and you pave the way for the rest of your life to be […]

Foundation Settings For Your Personal Values

Your foundation for your personal values is what allows God to build a masterpiece. The Bible gives us direction on a variety of key values that should be forefront in our lives for our Life Palette. But there is one value that we must get right. It’s not one I’ve made up or discovered on my […]

Excuses And How To Successfully Deal With Them

We live in a world where making up excuses, not go out and do something with our selves, is very common. It starts out in our childhood. I’ve seen my daughter walk up to her mother and tell Kathy, “hey one of my friends have invited me over, but I don’t want to go. Can […]