Jesus is NOT the reason for the season….

As an adult I sometimes want to respond to certain situations like a toddler; throw a tantrum, press for my way, or just scream in indignation. BUT I have a choice and control over my responses to situations that are, well, for lack of a better term, dreadful! Let’s face it, life in 2020 hasn’t […]

Immanuel – God With Us

Feels like a strange concept some 2000 years after Jesus was born. It seems at times we can get trapped in thoughts that God is not really WITH US anymore. We may feel like he’s just a benevolent being observing our day to day activities, but that He isn’t really involved or concerned all that […]

Joy on the Journey

Many of you might remember the old children’s song “The Joy of the Lord is my strength” in fact those were the only words in the entire first chorus of the song! These words come directly from Nehemiah 8:10 which has been our focus book of study over the past 4 weekends at Alive Church. […]