Big Faith, Jeff’s Blog

Have you ever met one of those people who just had BIG FAITH! They are unshakeable, even when you try to give them information that you are sure will cause their faith to waiver. They trust and confidence in God is amazing and appealing. The good news is, God wants and is working in our lives to give us all BIG FAITH!
He is thrilled when we have faith in Him. It is one of the ways we honor Him in our lives. So what is it that causes our faith to grow? There are five things that we see in the Bible that we need to be Planted in for our faith to grow. As we plant ourselves in these five areas God will perpetually grow our faith and trust in Him. In Matt 8:10 Jesus was “amazed” at the faith of a Roman soldier. He is looking for and building that kind of faith in us all!

This Weekend at Alive:
We will be doing Baptisms during the weekend services this weekend!!! This is a time of  Celebration not only for those who are taking this Next Step in their journey with Jesus but for all of us in the Church family.  Baptisms will take place during the worship music toward the beginning of the service so be sure and get here early to join in the celebration! (All 3 Weekend Services)

We are going to be looking at the first of the five Catalyst that God uses in building our faith as we continue the weekend talk series Planted with Planted In Practical Teaching. If you missed the first week in the series you can catch up, Planted In Big Faith.

Ministry Team Summit is happening Sunday evening at 5pm for all of those who serve on the ministry team here at Alive Church. You guys are rock stars!!! We will be serving hot dogs and burgers, sharing some vision, strategy, it is going to be a great night.