Overflowing With Hope

Livin What You Know, Hope-Part 3

We spend so much of our energy working on being self-reliant, but if we want to truly live in hope, the hope that Jesus Christ gives us, we need to work on becoming Holy Sprit-reliant. Read the words of Paul in Romans 15:13: “So I pray that God, who gives you hope, will keep you happy and full of peace as you believe in him. May you overflow with hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.” I love this! Not that we barely get by with a little hope here and there but that we OVERFLOW with hope!

The person of the Holy Spirit is referred to nearly 300 times in the New Testament part of the Bible. The one word that is constantly associated with Him is the word “power”. Jesus teaches us that we need the Holy Spirit in our live. In John 16: 4-16 He clearly teaches the disciples that they need the Holy Spirit as their helper.

Imagine this for a moment. The 12 disciples had spent 3 years with Jesus as He lived His earthly life. They had listened to His teachings, watched Him perform miracles and yet He told them that they needed the Holy Spirit in their lives as a helper.

As followers of Jesus, we are to rely on the Holy Spirit as our source of power and hope. As we do setbacks become springboards, obstacles will be turned into opportunities, barriers will be turned into blessings, and cowards become courageous. When you look at that list it’s easy to see how hope will overflow.

Spend a few moments today in prayer and ask God to help you to completely rely on the Holy Spirit and to allow your life to overflow with hope.