Jeff’s Blog: Weekend Reflections

As I reflect on this weekend at Alive there are 3 things that really stood out:

1. There were 5 people who made faith commitments as followers of Jesus this past weekend. Way to go Alive, living out our mission: Leading people who are far from God to be followers of Jesus.

2. We started gathering names of people who are far from God that we are going to invite to Easter weekend so we can begin praying for them. So far we have 86 folks that we are committed to investing in their lives and inviting them to the Easter services. This is the primary weekend that friends who don’t know Christ or don’t attend church will attend with you if you simply invite them. Let’s make the best of it as we celebrate Jesus resurrection! We will continue to get names over the next two weeks and continue praying for these folks. This is a primary way to live out our core value of Relational Evangelism.

3. Our Youth Band led worship and did a super job. I love the life that they bring to a worship service. It is so cool to see these young teens taking on the responsibility of ministry. I love that about Alive, we are always looking to apprenticing the next generation.

As we continue to partner together we will continue to make a difference in our community and the lives of those in our influence.