Your Life Palette

What is it that makes some people a success or not a success at something? It’s not always the most talented, whether in business, sports, medicine, ministry, or any number of career choices. Nor is it those who just happened to get lucky, or are at the right place at the right time. So what is it? What makes the difference?

It’s this. Each of us is given a palette in life. We make the choices that will develop our Life Palette. From this palette the color and composition of the life you live is determined. How you develop your Life Palette will cause those around you to take notice, pause, and consider the beauty of a life lived with direction and destiny compared to one lived aimlessly and without effect. 

Perhaps you’ve heard it said that in life you are either in a crisis, just getting out of a crisis, or headed toward one. That is by no means a doom and gloom statement. It’s just the way life is. Most of what happens to you is, unfortunately, out of your control. Yet one thing you can control is how your Life Palette is developed. And your success or failure will be a direct result of that Life Palette.

Why does someone face circumstances that seem insurmountable and become a better person through them, even leveraging them to their benefit and the benefit of those around them? They’ve developed their Life Palette. They may not intentionally know they’ve done it, but they have. And in this book, you will discover how to develop your Life Palette—and allow God to paint your life as the masterpiece He designed you to be.

You can do what you wish with your life. You have been given the privilege by your Creator to completely mess up your life and make it a disingenuous forgery of what it could be, or you can do your part to become the masterpiece God created you to be. The palette He has to work with is up to you.