The World’s Greatest Deposit Of Wealth

Deposit of wealthThe greatest deposit of wealth in the world is not found in oil fields, natural gas reserves, or diamond mines. It may surprise you to realize how close it is to your home; in fact you may drive by it on a regular basis. The greatest deposit of wealth in the entire world is found in a cemetery. Buried beneath the tombstones and grave markers is an incredible amount of un-fulfilled potential. Dreams that went unrealized, songs that were never sung, paintings that were never painted, books that will never be written, and inventions that needed to be invented, passion and vision that were put off until it was too late.

Each of us is a candidate for contributing to the greatest deposit of wealth in the world if we allow discouragement to steal what could be. While I find it very sad to walk through the cemeteries of our community and read the epitaphs of unfulfilled potential, I find it equally heart breaking to walk the streets of our cities, to drive our highways, walk in our stores, and pass by those who are broken, beaten down, and hopeless. Those who have given up on their dreams and potential to live life as the masterpiece God created them to be, as though they are dead men walking.

Ask Yourself About Your Potential

To assure yourself that you are stretching toward, reaching and fulfilling your potential take a few moments and ask yourself what your life purpose is. Consider why God has placed you on this earth at this time, in the particular place where you live. Ask yourself what you are capable of doing that you are not doing, how can you contribute as a masterpiece to this world in ways that you are not currently contributing? How can you maximize your life, skills, abilities, and personality?  (Check out yesterday’s Life Palette blog Live Life To The Maximum) How can you break through the barriers and limitations that are currently stopping you from releasing the potential that is a part of the fabric of your very being?

You are a wealth of potential! A masterpiece waiting to be displayed, I know because God your creator says so: “You are a masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do good works…” (Eph 2:10 NLT) And my purpose is to help you discover and understand the potential deep within you and help you get it out so that your life will reflect the masterpiece God created you to be.

You Are More

You alone decide. Are you going to rob the world of the wealth of potential God has placed within you or are you going to bless the world by living life as His masterpiece?  You are more than what you have done in the past, your future and your potential are waiting and so are we!

Want To Realize Your Potential?

Do you want to fully realize and release the potential God has place within you as His masterpiece? Do this exercise today: write your own epitaph. Let it be the standard by which you live your life. Here is mine: “Jeff Love served God’s purpose in his generation – then he died!” I’ve often thought of getting a tombstone with that already engraved on it to keep in my office as a daily reminder to live my life as fully and completely as the masterpiece He has created me to be – kind of weird huh!?