You Win Or Lose By The Way You Choose

You(From Chapter 5 Of My Book Life Palette)

One of the things I love about the approach of each New Year is how everyone stops to consider their priorities and how they intend to live them out in the coming 12 months. As a pastor I try to take advantage of that season with a teaching that will help people make true life-changing commitments. The unfortunate part of New Year’s ponderings is that it comes but once a year. We tend to overlook the power of daily choices regarding our priorities. We underestimate the importance of what we do each day and overestimate the importance of what we do in a week or a month or a year. The sad result is that we often squander our days waiting for some big moment to move us. The success of living our priorities on our Life Palette is found in our daily choices. We win or lose each day by the way we choose.

This centers around two things God uses to paint our lives as a masterpiece: decisions and discipline. Each is very different. Many people make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight—a decision. However, when asked if they are making plans to give up their favorite food or dessert, they’re not quite ready to do that. They lack discipline.

Daily Decision

There is incredible power in a simple decision, but it must be in line with the priorities of your Life Palette. Most people grossly underestimate the cost of making a decision that goes against a priority.

Daily Discipline

Discipline, too, is an incredible gift God has given you to help you succeed, but following through on the daily disciplines necessary to live out the priorities of your Life Palette is not easy.

In my early twenties I was leading music at a week long youth camp. An extremely creative person, I always struggled with discipline. I didn’t like routine or deadlines. I wanted everything to be fresh and new. That week was life changing for me. I don’t remember the lady’s name who was the main speaker, but she pulled me aside one day, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Jeff, God has given you a great talent of creativity, but unless you learn some discipline, He will never be able to use you.” I use to think God gave her great discernment, but looking back I think everyone who knew me could see it; she was just the first one to have the guts to tell me. And she was right. To this day, I’m still not the most disciplined person I know, but I have learned to look at discipline as a friend, a tool God has blessed me with that, used wisely, will allow Him to create a wonderful composition for my life.

Next Steps For You To Win Or Lose:

  • What one decision do you know you need to make as you gear up for the New Year? Most people are typically one decision away from success?
  • What discipline do you need to add to your daily routine for success in the coming year?

Take action now!

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