Why Did Jesus Live on Earth?

The Case For Christ - Part 1


Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, though based on historical fact, is a controversial matter. His resurrection is such a phenomenal event that it may be difficult to grasp or believe – whether you’re a devoted follower of Jesus or otherwise. This is why many people jump to the conclusion that Jesus simply didn’t exist or that He lived without dying on the cross.

In last weekend’s talk at Alive Church, Exploring the Evidence for Christ, I refer to a popular book that explored an alternative history of Jesus’ life, The Da Vinci Code. Those of you who read the book or watched the movie remember the controversy that ensued from this novel!

Interestingly, this piece of fiction stirred both anger and curiosity in both believers and non-believers about how Jesus really lived while on Earth. But what should stir us more is His actual life.

When Jesus lived on Earth, He showed that He had two purposes for living as fully man yet fully God: to show us who God is and to give us a rich and satisfying life.

By performing miracles, by telling poignant, relatable stories and by demonstrating real love and forgiveness, Jesus shows us He is God throughout the gospels. In John 14:9-11, He also reminds His disciple Philip that He and God the Father are one in the same by telling him “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father!”

Just the account of Jesus’ life can help us know God, but His words and His actions on Earth invite us to have a relationship with Him, which in turn, helps us to know God even more.

In John 10, Jesus likens himself to a shepherd leading sheep and those who come in following the Him will receive a “rich and satisfying life.”

Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection are all connected as part of God’s plan to draw us nearer to Him. When you think of Jesus’ life here on Earth, what part His ministry resonates with you the most today?

In Christ,