What is Your Passion?

PassionWhat is your passion? That is a great question to consider as we close in on the beginning of 2016. Passion is the piece that will help you identify a compelling and clear vision as you look forward to 2016. It will ignite the heartfelt fire to get you moving and keep you moving throughout this New Year. It will give you a sustaining emotional enthusiasm for living life as the masterpiece God created you to be. Your dreams, hopes and wishes should include your passion. Passion is a part of the natural flow of your God-given giftedness and in this there is no contradiction.

How To Refuel Your Passion

It is not enough to clearly identify passion, that is simply the first step. Once you have clarity you must continue to refuel your passion, which will also increase the intensity of passion. To live in and live out your passion long term, you must have clear strategies for refueling. Consider these options for refueling in 2016:

  1. Build Your Most Important Relationship

Spend more time focusing on building your relationship with God. If you have let this area of your life slip, there is no better time to get back on track than the New Year. As you grow in your spiritual journey, God will cause your passion to grow and help you to focus on living it out in your daily life. One thing I have found helpful is to make God a part of each week by joining with others who are like-minded through a church experience. When you gather with other people who are passionate about the things you are passionate about you will notice that passion is contagious.

  1. Spend Time Daily

Set aside time daily this year to develop your passion. Start with a half-hour a day. Block it out, put it on your calendar, and make it a top priority. This may be time to dream and think about it or write about it. Your dreams give you a map for living your life. Your dreams based on your God-given passion will shape your future. It is easy to allow the tyranny of the urgent to cause us to settle for what is comfortable in life rather than stretch toward our potential hidden in our passion. This simple discipline will lead you to continually making your passion a priority. As you do this daily, you will notice that it grows throughout the year rather than diminishing or disappearing.

  1. No Pain, No Gain

It is a little bit of a worn out phrase and at times trite: “no pain, no gain”. However it is true, and when it comes to passion it is especially true. You will face adversity, which is not a negative statement, it is just a fact of life. How you view adversity will fuel or deplete your passion. So make a decision this very moment that throughout 2016, regardless of what adversity may come your way, you are going to allow it to cause your passion to grow and increase. Allow your passion to so posses you that nothing will derail you in 2016.

Your God-given passion is your potential. Living out your passion everyday is the way you keep the main thing the main thing. As you do this you will add value to everyone around you. As you do this, you will live with more energy, vigor and enthusiasm. Real fulfillment and achievement come when you focus on living your passion and keeping it fueled. So, as we come to the end of another year and look forward to the beginning of a New Year, take some time and answer this simple question: What’s your passion?


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