What are Your Priorities?

Life Hacks - Part 1


Within each day, God gives us 24 hours to spend as we choose. Most of these hours, however, are spent fulfilling basic responsibilities. We have to work, we have to sleep, we have to eat, we might have to take care of others…but what else takes priority in your day?

Knowing our priorities is key to living the rich and satisfying life God promises us. In Matthew 6:33, Jesus makes it clear that seeking His Kingdom should take precedence over everything in our lives.

Even with this priority spelled out in scripture, it can still be difficult to determine what’s most important—and most deserving of our time—in our day-to-day lives.

If you’re wrestling with your priorities, I recommend considering these three questions:

1. What can be done by only me?

We all have roles in life that only we can fill. God has made you with unique gifts and talents, so take into consideration that there are tasks and roles He’s designed specifically for you. But also remember that He has other tasks and roles made for others, and it’s okay to pass those on!

2. What am I most effective at doing?

Think about what you’re good at. As His masterpiece, God has made you to do these things (see Ephesians 2:10)! Remember that He wants you to be successful, so if the task ahead lies outside of your talents, it might not be a priority.

3. What gives me the greatest personal satisfaction?

God wants us to live in satisfaction, which is why He gives us the desires of our hearts. Finding—and living—the answer to this question is nothing short of transformational when we seek it with Him (see Psalm 37:4).

I’m praying for you this week as you think about and seek the answers to these questions. To delve deeper, I recommend watching part one of Alive Church’s Life Hack series and reading through the “Priorities” devotional (page A98) in the Life Transformation Bible.

In Christ,