Weekend Update

Not only is the weekend over around here at Alive Church, but so is our series “Life Palette”. I love sharing the reports of those who have made commitments to follow Jesus and those who are growing in their faith. Throughout this series we have had several people make the decision to gives their lives to Jesus for the very first time, including a young lady this last weekend along with many who have re-dedicated their lives to following Jesus.
I want to thank my friend and artist, Phil Starke, for spending the last five weekends with us and helping to illustrate this past series. If you have not heard, Phil donated one of the paintings that he did throughout the series for us to raffle off and give all the money to our missionaries in S. Africa. We will begin selling the tickets this next weekend.
Speaking of missions: this last weekend our missions team held “tailgate for Haiti” on both of our campuses. Alive church – you guys rock – the response was incredible. Thanks to all of the missions team and everyone here at Alive for your generosity. We are getting those supplies sent off this week.
Looking ahead, we begin a new series this coming weekend entitled: Takin It To The Streets. This series will focus around one of our core values: Community and Life Transformation, that is investing in community and authentic relationships for the sake of eternity.