Weekend Recap Coming Next Weekend

I have already heard from many of you regarding my story of the guy walking along the road from church. Thanks all for your encouragement and know that we are all on this journey together!

I’m so passionate about us being mature as Jesus followers. Maturity has to begin with a commitment; this last weekend we had 3 people make commitments to “follow” Jesus – so the journey begins – welcome to God’s family! It is so exciting!!!

Last weekend we continued our conversation regarding the “process” of evangelism. I want to encourage all of you to prayerfully consider your concentric circle of relationship and where each of those folks are on the journey.

Here are a couple of comments from the weekend and all that God is doing:
“God led me to this church…I know because I feel “at home”.
“Praise and worship was really good, we’re excited aboiut Jesus and the worship showed that.”

Coming This Weekend: