Weeds Are A Sign Of Neglect

WeedsSadly, it’s easy to create a Life Palette that’s bad; one that will lead to your life being lived as a forgery rather than a masterpiece. It’s a lot like growing weeds; it doesn’t take talent or discipline, it only requires neglect. One of my earliest jobs as a kid was going out into the fields of my grandfather’s farm to remove the unwanted weeds invading the crops. My grandfather kept his fields clean because he understood weeds affected the end result of his harvest. I remember driving by neighboring farmers’ fields full of weeds and how grandpa always commented how the fields were a reflection of the farmer. Anyone can grow weeds, and anyone can create a bad Life Palette that’ll result in living far worse than the masterpiece life God designed for you.

Cleaning Up The Weeds On Your Life Palette

As an artist cleans his palette, he’s left with palette scrapings—the leftover mixed paint that becomes gray and  is no longer usable where pure color is needed. You may feel there are similar colorless scrapings in your life, choices that have caused you pain and led you so far off track that you feel your future has no destiny.

All Things

In Romans, Paul the Apostle said that “God uses all things for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” As you give your life to Him as His masterpiece He promises to use “All Things” for your good and His purpose.

There’s Always Hope

Know there is hope! You can clean your Life Palette and start over. It is possible. God is the God of new opportunities. In Isaiah 43:19 He says this: “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?” As long as you have a pulse, He has a destiny for your life—and that destiny will always include you becoming His masterpiece. It is never too late!


What weeds have you allowed to choke out the masterpiece life God has for you because of neglect and what can you do about them today? Leave your feedback, comments and questions below.