Toxic Relationships

A little weekend wrap-up on this beautiful Monday in Tucson.

First, I love that weekly there are people who give their lives to be a follower of Jesus for the first time. This week is no exception we had several, 5 that we know of. Welcome to a new world, a new you and a new life! Welcome to God’s family!!!

Second, there are a few things that are really sticking with me from the weekend teaching: Healthy relationship are intentional and require investment. This truth reiterates the passion and importance of every follower of Jesus being in a Life Group where we can experience authentic relationships that build us up and encourage us and we can do the same for others. The new semester is coming in the next week – call the office to sign up or find a group that is a fit for you. 520-544-7638. Also, we have online groups you can be a part of at

Also from the weekend: people are our greatest asset or our worst. For me, my take away is the question; am I a great asset to those in my life? How can I add more value to those I know and love.

I am committed this week to living out the next steps from the weekend Talk; establishing healthy boundaries in at least on toxic relationship and choosing to invest in a healthy relationship. One of the ways we can all invest in a healthy relationship is by inviting someone we know to our Easter services at Alive. We have Invite cards for you, take as many as you will use. The series that we will begin on Easter weekend is called “Fearless”. Jesus first words to His followers after the resurrection were “Do not be afraid”. We are going to spend a few weeks looking at how the Bible teaches us to stand Fearless against insurmountable odds.

As of this blog I am wrapping up the talk for this coming weekend: Toxic Words. Already the Lord is challenging me. Pray for me as I prepare. I look forward to seeing you this coming weekend and to all that God will do among us.