Too Much on Your Schedule? Think Before You Change it.

Unstuck - Part 1


In our culture, having a full schedule is simply a way of life. With social media and advanced technology, it’s easy for us to be connected and in tune with everything happening around us. And we can often feel like we need to participate in every opportunity and activity that comes our way.

But God doesn’t want that for us. In fact, He has a plan to give us a rich and satisfying life, which doesn’t include an overbooked schedule.

As a pastor, artist, husband, parent, and grandparent, I have struggled with this concept. By filling many roles, it’s sometimes hard to decide which activities should take priority.

For example, I recently spent a week taking a painting class with an artist I admire. I was excited to grow as an artist but clearing my schedule for a week wasn’t easy, especially for something I enjoy so much. Should a painting class be considered a priority?

It took one conversation during the class to let me know I was using my time wisely. During one of the exercises, the artist asked me if painting was what I did for a living. When I told him that I was a pastor, he almost instantly opened up to me, delving deep into his life experiences and his spiritual journey. He needed to have that conversation, and I know that God had me there for that reason.

Lightening our schedules can help us pursue the priority Jesus has given us: to seek the kingdom of God first (see Matthew 6:33). But it’s important to do this thoughtfully.

Before you decide to skip your child’s school event, to stop volunteering in your community or to stay home during happy hour after work, I encourage you to prayerfully consider these questions:

  1. What does God want me to do?
  2. Does the activity replenish me spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and/or physically?

To learn more about how these questions can show you God’s priorities for your life and for your schedule, check out my latest talk at Alive Church.

In Christ,