To Unleash Your Potential, You Must See Other’s Potential

Potential Your relationships in life are like color to a painting. Therefore, developing healthy relationship is imperative if you are to unleash your God-given potential and live life as the masterpiece God created you to.

Seeing Potential In Others:

The primary example for healthy relationships is Jesus. He never spoke abrasively with those He knew and loved, or with those who were seeking to build a relationship with Him. Instead, Jesus always saw the potential in others and developed relationships with them based on that perception. He changed Simon’s name to Peter (the “rock”) because He saw Peter had the potential to be someone of stability, a firm foundation. And ultimately, Peter was a “rock”.  He went from denying Jesus on the night He was betrayed to giving the inaugural message of the New Testament church.

In addition to seeing potential, Jesus also communicated as a servant. He said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45) You may protest, “But I don’t want to serve. I want to lead!” Yet, there has never been a greater leader in this world than Jesus and He said this about leadership: “The greatest among you must be a servant.” (Matthew 23:11)

It Begins At Home:

My friend Virgil is a motivational speaker. He tells the story of a time when a corporation hired him to speak with their sales department. He spoke about how important it is to be a servant to nurture successful relationships as a salesperson—and the better servant you are, the better your sales would be. He also said being a servant began at home and illustrated his point by describing how he would wake up each morning before his wife to make her a pot of coffee. He didn’t even drink coffee; he was making the coffee just to serve her. Then he would take her a cup while she was still in bed. As Virgil spoke, one of the salespeople responded with disgust. “This is ridiculous,” the man said. “I didn’t come to hear about this kind of garbage. I want to learn how to have more sales.” Without missing a beat, Virgil responded, “I’m glad you said so, sir. You are going to help me prove my point.” He then asked if that man’s sales manager was in the room. Another gentleman raised his hand. Virgil said to the manager, “I’m willing to bet my pay that he is your worst salesman in this room.” The sales manager reluctantly acknowledged Virgil was right.

How could he know? Simple. “The greatest among you must be a servant,” and since that’s true, it follows that “the worst among you would not be a servant.” Make a conscious choice for your Life Palette to follow the example of Jesus. Be a servant in how you act and communicate. As you begin to truly see the potential of others as a masterpiece, the choice of serving them becomes much easier. The more you see their potential and seek to add value to their life through service, you will unleash your own potential.

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