Time Margin: A Key Element For Relationships

Time Margin: A Key Element For RelationshipsInvesting time in relationships is a must to develop healthy relationships and one of the key elements for investing time is making sure you have time margin. Margin does not just happen, we need to purposefully build time margin into our schedules for relationships.

Guard Rails

A few years back during one of our Durango, Colorado vacations our family decided that we would drive across the famed “Million Dollar Highway” to visit some friends who live in that area. The road earned its name because many people will tell you that you could not pay them a million dollars to drive it again due to its mountainous path and curious lack of guard rails.

During this trip on the highway we ran into a torrential rain storm. As we neared the summit of the pass the rain turned to sleet. The road was slick and it was hard to see. There are several spots on that drive where there is no margin for error; cross the white line and you will plummet down the side of the mountain. Driving it in normal conditions is stressful enough; during a storm it’s downright miserable. After crowning the pass and heading down the northern slopes, we were met with a couple of mudslides that left us stranded on the highway for several hours. Still, I love the area and will definitely make the drive again, but preferably in better weather next time.

Joy And Fulfillment

Relationships without a margin of time investment is a lot like driving the “Million Dollar Highway” during an unexpected mountain storm. You may make it to the other side, but the journey can be miserable. That is not God’s intent for your relationship with Him or with others.

Next Steps For Your Time Margin: 

So take the time out of your schedule, today, to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with the people you value. Whether its co-workers, family, friends, or even someone you just recently met take time out for them. Not only will they appreciate the time you have spent with them, but you will also benefit from bestowing your precious time and energy on other people. This will give you great joy and fulfillment in your life. Also, take time out for God and engulf yourself with His word, each and every day. Pray and allow yourself to become more like Him and to love and cherish every moment you have with Him and with others.

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