Time To Have Fun, Fun, Fun!


funLet me ask you a question: do you think life should be fun? Most people answer that question with a big “Yes”. The bigger question is: are you having fun in your life?

I realize that “fun” is defined very differently for each of us, but the underlying principle is the same: are you enjoying life? Do you enjoy what you do for work? Are you fulfilled in what you are doing?

Don’t Be Mislead

You may have been mislead as a youth, perhaps some well meaning person in authority told you something like this: “life is hard and then you die”. And there is just enough nugget of truth in that statement that it’s easy to buy in to. Yes, everyone will face difficulties in life and the last time I checked, the mortality rate of human beings is 100%, there is not getting out of that. But to live so swayed to the negativity of life and miss out on the fun and joy of living is to miss out on life itself.

Letting Go Of Security

One of the groups of people that I interact with a lot are pastors. This is mostly because I am one and also because I am passionate about helping pastors live their potential as individuals and as leaders. I can’t tell you how many times I have conversations with a Pastor who is struggling in their ministry and I ask them this simple question: “are you still having fun?” For the most part they are taken back by the question. I respond to them, if you are not having fun you need to move on. But that can be hard to do, mostly because of fear. You see, most of us would rather live in misery right where we are and know what we are going to get rather than step out into the unknown and have the potential of joy and fun doing what we are meant to do. It’s perfectly normal to desire security and perhaps have some trepidation of the unknown, but it’s not alright to let the desire of security keep you from stepping out into your potential.

This is a key way of knowing if you need to do some mission and vision revision. (Check out this week’s blogs for more on this) Are you having fun? Are you experience joy and fulfillment from what you are doing? You will have difficulties that you have to navigate regardless of what you do in life, but you can do so with great joy and fun.

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