The Sweet Life

What a great weekend! I spent the weekend at the Alive Church Continental Ranch campus. Toby did a great job teaching, it was awesome for me to see him on the big screen, I loved it! I do have to warn Toby though that there will be some retribution for saying that those jeans were mine – get ready!
We had one person make a commitment for Jesus this weekend – yeah God!!! And a lot of folks get free from the bondage of guilt. Not only does God free us from the guilt of our past but He wants us to live a guilt free life. Awe sweet freedom. Thanks again Toby for the great teaching – to live guilt free GET REAL, with myself, with God and with others – love it.
What’s us with the cookies and milk? If someone is having a chocolate chip cookie and some milk on stage, next time I say they should have enough for all of us.

Living The Sweet Life, Jeff