The Power Of Being Thankful (Part 3)


thankfulThe last two days, in the Life Palette blog, I’ve been talking about how important it is for your success living as the masterpiece God created you to be that you have a “thankful” attitude. The first day I said to live with a “thankful” attitude you need to “Focus On The Right Thing“. Day 2 we looked at how important it is to “Be Thankful In Spite Of Things.”  (Check out the archive of Life Palette for the last 2 days.)

Today we are looking at the 3rd action you need to take to live with a “thankful” attitude. Which is that you need to “Pray About All Things”.

Pray About All Things

Here is what Paul said about prayer in the Bible: “Pray at all times and on every occasion in the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Ephesians  6:18, NLT) Prayer is a powerful gift that God has given us to communicate with Him. Prayer is an important tool for keeping a “thankful” attitude. Prayer, at its most simple core is simply communicating with God your loving heavenly Father. The more we talk with Him and trust Him, the more we are able to have a “thankful” heart based on trust, knowing that no matter what happens, He has got this!

When Should You Pray?

Paul said that we should pray at all times and on every occasion. There’s a sunset, great occasion to pray and thank God. Someone just cut you off on the highway, great time to pray and thank God that you didn’t have wreck.

What Should You Pray About?

Everything!  “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” (Philippians 4:6, NLT) You may be pretty good at worrying. Paul gives you the antidote to worry. Pray. Imagine how your life will change when you take all the times you usually spend worrying and invest it into prayer, communicating with God about the problem or concern.

Here are a few interesting facts about worry:

  • 40% of your worries never happen. Why waste your time?
  • 30% concern the past. Worry will not change the past.
  • 12% are needless health concerns.
  • 10% are petty issues.
  • Only 8% of what you worry about is an actual, legitimate concern.

After looking at the facts, why worry? Instead, pray. It will help you live with a “thankful” attitude. Pray about every detail, feeling, emotion, anger, hurt, hope, dream, disappointment, habit, hang-up…you get the picture.  Pray about everything and experience the power of a thankful “attitude”.


Are you naturally more of a worrier or more of a carefree person? Why?