The Masterpiece In You

As an artist I hate it when someone comments about my work prior to being finished. Until an artist completes his or her work don’t mess with them, because they see the end result they are working toward. They know what they are working towards. An artist may take a piece of scrap that you are wanting to trash only later for you to find they have made a beautiful piece of art with that now you are willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for.

Many people are overlooked and scraped, so to speak, because others do not see their potential. We must remember that others are not the artist of our lives. God is the one who see the finished work that He is working towards. In fact He sees that our worth is the cross of Jesus Christ. God looks at all of us and see something that no other human being sees.

As we give ourselves to God as a living sacrifice, He is able to then begin to sculpt, paint, mold and shape our lives into the masterpiece that He created us to be. In order to discover what God created us to be we must look to Him. Many times we look to others or to other things, even to life itself, but if we are going to discover our lives and our life purpose we must look to the creator of life, the one who created our potential. That is part of being a living sacrifice. The limit of your potential is God, not others.

Read Psalm 139 today. Let the words of that chapter sink into your spirit. Ask God to help you see yourself the way He see you not the way others see you. God see you with a redemptive purpose. As we become living sacrifices to Him, we begin to release the potential He has place within us and live the redemptive purpose He has given us. Ask God to show you the finished piece, He is the artist of your life!