The Journey Of A Rich And Satisfying Life

Rich and Satisfying Life“A Rich and Satisfying Life” is not a destination; it’s a journey to be enjoyed and lived. Jesus describes this life in John 10:10, a life that is full, abundant, life as good as it can be and beyond what we can imagine. This life is one that lived on a higher plane because of all that is available through Him and it begins today. When considering your life and potential isn’t it true that when you get to the end of life that you would want others to describe you as having lived “A Rich and Satisfying Life”? Yes, of course you do. So, let’s look at how you can be assured of that being said of you.

1. Start With The End In Mind

While “A Rich and Satisfying Life” is a journey, in order to take this journey you must begin with a destination in mind. You will end up somewhere in life, but unless you make a decision to end up somewhere or purpose or not, you may end up somewhere you don’t want to end up.

If you were planning a trip to Disney Land in Southern California, but you were driving on East I-40, it wouldn’t matter how much you hope to end up in Disney Land, it wouldn’t matter how hard you worked at getting there, what would matter is that you would be heading in the wrong direction. (Unless you were planning and preparing for a trip around the entire globe)

2. Choose The Best Path For Progress

The path to “A Rich and Satisfying Life” does not separate you from it; it is a part of it, after all remember “A Rich and Satisfying Life” is a journey. The path you choose to take depends on what you want from the journey. In the same way that if you were on a vacation trip you would take the highway over a scenic drive or vice versa, depending on what you are desiring from the journey.

One thing that will help with this decision is to talk with others who have gone before you. Ask them about the good and bad of the path that they took. Listen carefully as they describe to you what they would do different if they had to do all over again.

3. Get Prepared

Like any journey, how you pack is important. You don’t have to pack everything you will need for the journey on the onset. Some things will be a part of refueling along the way. You must however begin by considering what you need to take the journey of “A Rich and Satisfying Life”. What do you need to be equipped? What will you need to enjoy the journey?

4. Get Started

At some point, you have to begin. Circumstances will never be perfect for starting out on a journey; in fact, there may be some things that need to be left undone so that you can get started. Don’t get stalled in the starting gate, life will go on without you if you do.

I have a special arrangement with the airlines, if I am late for a flight they can leave without me, and they have a few times. You don’t want to miss the flight for the journey of your “Rich and Satisfying Life”

5. Know That There Will Be Detours

It’s foolish to think that any journey will be perfect with no detours. If you are thinking, you will only live “A Rich and Satisfying Life” as long as you don’t face detours, then the journey is over before it begins. Detours are a part of life, and often some of the most memorable parts of any journey. Life’s detours will bring new discoveries and growth.

Those who reach their goals and destinations are those willing to navigate the unforeseen detours of life, the unforeseen difficulties and problems. If you plan to turn back at the first sign of trouble, don’t start, because trouble is a surety.

6. Be Persistent

Persistence is key for enjoying and living the journey of “A Rich and Satisfying Life”. There may be days when you feel you make giant leaps forward and there may be days when you feel you have taken a few steps backwards. The journey isn’t over until you quit trying. So be persistent.

7. Look Toward Another Horizon

It’s great to celebrate and enjoy successful steps, for a moment. However, never make a habit of living in the success of your past. To truly live “A Rich and Satisfying Life” you must always be asking, “what’s next”, always be expanding your life vision. Where do you want to grow and go?

As you live the journey of “A Rich and Satisfying Life”, you will discover new opportunities along the way. Keep your heart and mind open toward the new horizon that God may have for you as His masterpiece, make it a part of your Life Palette.


Where are you on the journey of “A Rich and Satisfying Life”? Leave your comments and feedback below.