The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful

In the middle of this series, The Good, The Bad, The Manly, the response has been so moving. In fact I have felt the Lord leading me to segue into a similar series for women after this one is over called The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful. We are going to spend a few weeks talking about the feminine heart and the life God created women to live. This will be a series, much like our current one for men, to celebrate, recover and release the hearts of women.

For this coming week, I want to encourage all of you to get every man in your life to this teaching. I will be talking about the importance of son ship. This teaching will set many men and their families on a new and better course for their lives. If you have a Dad, son, boyfriend, husband, brother or friend who is male, I encourage you to do anything you can to get them to attend a service this weekend. They will thank you.

Ever just have one of those crazy weeks? I think I’m in one, but that’s usually a good sign for me. The more important the weekend teaching the more the enemy tries to distract and keep me from it. That being the measurement – I’m stoked about the weekend!!!

For those of you who don’t know me well, during stressful times there are a few things that I make time for. I love to paint, so I will probably do that some over the next few days coming into the weekend – I will post one on FB. I also spend more time in prayer, I like to pray while I’m painting. Another thing is music. Music gives life to the soul for me. I’m listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd as I finish this blog – music the way God designed it to be played. My favorite is Journey during the Steve Perry days. A little Toto?

See you this weekend – pray for all of our lives to be transformed by the Father.