The Data is in: Prayer Saves Marriages

Life Hacks - Part 4


We tend to think of marriage as simply an agreement or bond between two people, but the truth is that it goes deeper than that. Marriage unites two people into one, which Paul defines as “a great mystery” in Ephesians. God has made this mystery to bring glory not to us but to His church (see Ephesians 5:31-32).

Even as followers of Jesus, it’s difficult to remember that God is part of our marriages. When we willingly include God in our marriages through prayer, He strengthens and safeguards the relationship. Research has shown this is a fact.

In at least three nationwide studies, including Gallup, it was shown that couples who prayed together daily had an exceptionally low divorce rate: just .087 percent. Other studies regularly show a decrease of divorce rates by at least 35 percent among couples who pray.

Praying with your spouse is truly a game changer, but I understand it’s not always easy to set time aside to pray. In part four of our Life Hacks series at Alive Church, our Next Steps Pastor Steve Tanner shared some tips on how to make praying with your spouse a priority:

Keep a time

Think of a time every day when you’re together and alone (before bed, after a meal, after the kids go to school, etc.)

Keep it short

Devoting as little as five minutes a day can make a difference! Don’t cut yourselves short but don’t make it stressful either.

Keep it focused

Ask your spouse just one thing you can pray about for them — giving them (or receiving) a laundry list of prayer requests can be overwhelming.

Keep your relationship in mind

Your prayer life should fit who you are and where you are in your walk with Christ, so don’t hold back from each other. And always ask God to help you grow as a couple!

Do you and your spouse pray together? Do you have any tips for praying together? I’d love to see your responses on our Alive Church Facebook page!

In Christ,