The Art Of Living As A Masterpiece

artLife is art, it is not a mathematical equation.  Life is organic, full of brilliant colors and bold brush strokes. Your teacher in school taught you that in math there is only one “right” answer, in fact that is a part of the beauty of math.  The answers are set in stone, because math is a science. You know the outcome every time. 10 plus 10 always has and always will equal 20. Not so with art, art is subjective, as the tried and true saying says: “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.  When you handed in an art project in school you never heard the teacher talking about you having the “right” or “wrong” answer.

Consider for a moment the different masters in art: Michael Angelo, Pablo Picasso, Norman Rockwell, and the list goes on and on. Many of the masters are radically different in style, yet all, as artist giving us beauty. And that is what makes art, art.


Over the years as I’ve led people, I hear most think of their lives in terms of compartmentalizing. Work is work, family is family, hobbies are hobbies, faith is faith, often thinking that none of the compartments should intersect. Nothing could be further from the truth! Because life is art and not a mathematical equation, they all intersect. The more you are able to intersect all the different parts of your life that you are currently compartmentalizing, the more you will live in success, the more you are living life as a masterpiece.

The Beauty 

De-compartmentalizing may seem and sound a lot messier than math, but then again art is messy, that’s what makes it so beautiful. You don’t know the outcome; it is ever changing and evolving with many different colors. Mistakes can be erased or painted over. The lines can change and make life an entirely different composition than it is today. And what makes each person’s life interesting is different and that is what makes it beautiful.

Your Life Canvas

Consider for a moment what the canvas of your life looks like. Are you so compartmentalized that the very passion of your heart and soul is not being expressed in areas of your life? What are you creating? What are you allowing God, your creator, to create in and through you? There is not a right and wrong answer, don’t be afraid to splatter a little color here and there and let the art of living lead you to living as a masterpiece. The precision of mathematical equations have their place in different areas of life, but life is art and needs to be lived in such a way!