Success at Campus – What’s a Campus Anyway?

Something exciting is happening at Continental Ranch! In case you have not heard, we do have a campus in the Continental Ranch community and this last weekend we baptized 6 people! Way cool!!! There are now around 250 of you who have made that campus your preferred environment here at Alive Church. Let’s keep going and reach the CR community. You guys rock, and Toby, our campus pastor, is doing awesome. (last weekend we had 3 people make decisions to follow Jesus – yoo hoo! That’s a chocolate drink isn’t it?)
What’s an Alive campus you ask? An Alive Church campus is us taking the church to the community. A campus has a live band for praise and worship music, a campus pastor is on site and gives pastoral care and leadership to those attending a particular campus throughout the week, but the message is the same via the big screen. The message is live, you can always ask me questions or make comments through text, twitter, FaceBook or the web. I love getting questions during the message to respond to – always let me know what campus you are on, it helps connect us.
So our strategy is to begin campuses throughout the Tucson valley and beyond, we are looking ahead at others campuses continually. Taking the church to the community.
What we need in any given location to start a campus is first and foremost a leader. If you have a pastors heart but teaching /preaching is not your thing and love the DNA of Alive church then let’s talk.
We are one church, one vision, one purpose with multiple locations. I ran into someone at a store recently and they told me that they attend the Continental Church, I quickly responded, “you mean campus”. I knew what they meant, but I am passionate about protecting unity, especially as we go forward and begin many more campuses.
I’ve been asked how many campuses do we plan to begin and when? The answer is simple: as long as there are lost people and communities that we can make an impact for God Kingdom we will go. Join me in asking God to open doors to new communities, to give us quality campus pastors who want to join with us and the means to continue to “leading people who are far from God to be followers of Jesus.”