So Much To Share So Little Blog Space

The Good, The Bad and The Manly began this last weekend as we focused on what it means to be His (God’s) Man. It was a very encouraging time as many men made a commitment to be Shepherd/Warriors and many women to pray for the men in their lives in such a way. (Father, brother, husband, boyfriend, sons)

If you did not get a chance to view the beginning of the ongoing saga between our campus pastor for this series take a few moments. Part two of this saga is coming this weekend:

Have you met Pastor Tom? I put his picture in my blog here. Tom Ulrich has been working with Alive Church as a Children’s pastor on the Oro Valley campus. This week Tom started working FULL time as our Children’s Pastor and will be giving leadership and training for all of our campuses in this area. Welcome to the team Tom. I am excited to be able to have your focused attention and passion for our kids. I know you will take us to a new level in our birth through fifth grade.

If you haven’t seen all of the kids that we have the privilege of ministering to, take sometime during one of the services and cruise through the children’s area and meet some of our many incredible volunteers and let them give you a tour and talk to them about how you can make a difference in kids lives through this ministry!

Oh, Oh, Oh! You all know that this weekend is the first ever service for The Encounter venue right? Sunday night at 5pm on the Oro Valley campus. This venue is going to be led by Pastor Ken Ballenger, with the teaching from the Sunday am service via the big screen. The worship music will be a mix of the 80s, 90s and today with a totally different flavor of worship. Invite a friend – loved one – nieghbor or coworker and check it out!!!