Showing the Love of Jesus Without Dead-Ends

Engage Your World - Part 1


The best way we can show others the love of Jesus is by talking to them about Him. This can be as simple as sharing a helpful verse of scripture, telling your own faith journey or letting someone know you’re praying for them. Keeping it simple can be difficult, though, if you’re tempted to engage in conversations that lead to dead-ends.

InActs 17:16-33, Paul faced this challenge when he saw several idols in Athens. I’m sure that deep down, he wanted to tell the Athenians just how he felt about idols! But instead of making his disapproval known, he shared the love of Jesus.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? It’s easy to get caught up in dead-end conversations when trying to show the love of Jesus. Below are some topics that can lead us to these types of conversations:

  • Arguments about morality— Don’t lecture about what’s right and wrong! Just let them know Jesus loves us, no matter what our sin. (see Romans 8:38-39)
  • Partisan politics— Remember that Jesus is not affiliated with any political party. His power transcends any political power! (see Matthew 28:18)
  • The “science vs. creationism” debate— Someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus likely won’t believe in Him if they lose or win a debate on this topic. Trusting that God is omnipotent can satisfy our deepest curiosity and give us peace. (see Daniel 4:35)
  • End-times speculation— This topic can spur interesting debate, but does it add to our faith to worry about what will happen in the future? Focus on what Jesus is doing for us here and now. (see Matthew 6:34)
  • A one-size-fits all approach to sharing faith— When sharing your faith, remember that forming relationships builds trust and respect. Help them see that God knows and cares about them and understands their struggles. (seeJeremiah 1:5)

It’s easy to feel indignant when others’ beliefs don’t align with yours, but remember that despite what they think of you or of Christianity, the ultimate goal is to show them how much Jesus loves them.

In Christ,