Share Your Story

Life On Mission - Part 4


This last weekend at Alive Church Jason, our Executive Pastor, encouraged us to share our stories and post them on social media using the #AliveCardboardStories. 

Here is my story: I was hopeless. Now I have HOPE!

What’s your story? Share it on social media this week – I would love to see your story (#AliveCardboardStories).

Sharing My Story

Today I pray this simple prayer, “Here I am, send me.” Today I am choosing to be led by the Spirit of God and this makes all the difference in sharing my story. I am open and available to do what He would have me do; as He impresses and compels me, I will share my story without delay. I am listening to His voice as His follower.

Today I pray this simple prayer “Here I am, send me.”  I will be sensitive to everyone who crosses my path and to their unique spiritual journey. This is always my starting point. I will ask God to help me understand what burdens them and trust Him to prepare their hearts for His love. As I listen to them, I will always respond with care.

God is looking at my availability to share His love with others. Through this simple prayer, “Here I am, send me,” I am making myself available to His Spirit. God is looking for someone who is willing to allow His power and strength to work through them; “Here I am, send me.” I am choosing to allow His power and strength to work in and through me.

Today I am focusing all of my heart on Jesus. As I do, He replaces all fear in my life with faith, and as a result I live in His rest. There is no room in my heart for fear, only faith that comes from Him. He is in control of all of the events of my day; He is the reigning king of the universe, and all powers and authorities ultimately answer to Him.

Choosing Jesus to be the Lord of my heart gives me access to the power of His courage when sharing my story. My faith in Him is active and I am prepared to explain the reason for my hope. The enemy wants to make me feel inadequate and unqualified to share my story, but it is a lie. Through Jesus, God has met my spiritual needs and I am the only one qualified to share my story of transformation. I am not concerned about answering every question others may have about God; I am simply sharing what God has done and is doing in my life, my story.

I am honored to share with others my story of how God’s powerful plan to rescue me changed my life and how He desires each of us to trust in Him. Today I pray this simple prayer, “Here I am, send me.”