Serving is Pouring from My Cup, Not Filling Someone Else’s

Life On Mission - Part 3


In Matthew 22:39, Jesus commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves. As followers of Christ, these simple words should direct our lives, dictate our lifestyle and help us know how to fulfill Jesus’ mission. But given our human nature, moving in the direction of His mission can present some of our biggest challenges, especially when it comes to serving.

Despite the ultimate example Jesus gave us through His life on Earth (see Mark 10:45 and John 15:13), we tend to think of serving as just another thing to add to our already busy schedules. Or we may be aware of needs that should be met in our world and in our communities and feel helpless or even hesitant in trying to meet them.

But this is where God comes in to help us.

In my talk at Alive Church this past weekend, I used a pitcher and a cup with liquid to explain how God does this. God’s love is in the pitcher, and He pours it into us, the cup. When our cup is full, it’s time to empty some out and share it with others. And you can rest assured that when you empty your cup, He will refill it.

This means that through service, we are continually filled with God’s love, which gives us the provision to share His love with others. All we have to do is keep pouring out His love to people in our lives and let Him work in their hearts through us.

Now you might be wondering how to do that exactly. Remember that God has certain people in your life for a reason! Remember that pouring His love onto others can look different, depending on their needs and what you can do. Remember that serving is pouring from your cup, not filling someone else’s.

This week, I encourage you to think about how you can pour God’s love into others every day. Know that I’m praying for God to show you these opportunities.

In Christ,