Serve Like Christ

The Sound of Grace - Part 3


Throughout the gospels, Jesus gives us several examples of how He served others around him. He healed the sick, raised the dead, fed thousands, calmed stormy waters and cast out demons, just to name a few. His ministry shows God’s power and triumph over sickness, sin, death and even Hell itself.

We can be thankful every day for the way God serves us, and the best way to be thankful is to reciprocate the action by serving others around us.

In John 13:15, after washing their feet, Jesus told his disciples, “I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you.”

As a follower of Christ, this can be a difficult action to take, especially when we are already filling multiple roles in our lives. We see our calendars and are overwhelmed with how full they are.

But serving is not about adding busyness to our lives – it’s about adopting a servant’s mindset, right where we are.

When Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, they couldn’t understand why the Lord of Lords was doing the work of the servant. And Jesus addressed this in John 13:12-14, when He told them He washed their feet AS “Teacher” and “Lord,” not just as a servant.

Whatever your role is in your family, at school or at work, remember that you can serve for Christ, too! Rather than give up our current (and important) roles, we can let God transform our hearts by taking a step forward.

In my last talk, “The Sound of Wringing Out a Towel,” I liken this to grabbing a fire extinguisher when something is burning. Don’t watch something burn – jump in and help! You may think you’re not qualified to put out a fire or may be hesitant if you’ve never done it before, but nevertheless, somebody must put the fire out.

As you consider where you may be able to serve, I pray that God will show you where and how you can fill needs in your communities and in the Church.

In Christ,