Security From A Shocking Request

Security From A Shocking RequestMost of us would like to have a greater sense of security, in this life and in life after death. Jesus made a shocking request that points at our sense of security and it was all a matter of the heart. You try so hard and yet sometimes you may have a nagging feeling that something is just – lacking! Obedience as a follower of Jesus is not about keeping all the commands perfectly, if it were we would all be in trouble. Obedience is a matter of the heart!

How Does This Apply To Me?

This weekend at Alive I will continue my weekend talk series Shocking Statements of Jesus with a talk called A Shocking Request. Jesus request to a young man in the Bible to sell everything he owned was a mind-bending revelation, not only for him but for all those who were listening and for us today as His followers. We read it and we want to know – “what does that mean for me?”  Jesus request for this young man goes straight to the heart – our hearts – and reveals to us the very thing we lack and yet need most. And the importance of His request is not about what we do or have, it’s all about who we follow, serve and trust.

A Life Of Security

Jesus’ plan for each of us is to have life – “a rich, satisfying life” (John 10:10) It’s all a part of living as the Masterpiece He created you to be. Unfortunately we are often caught in the same situation as the young man in the Bible where we are seeking the right goal but we miss the mark on how to attain it, thus Jesus shocking request. Jesus shows us that it’s not about simply having an “eternal life insurance” policy, it’s about having life: “I am the resurrection and the life”.  (John 11:25). It’s not about What, it’s about Who. Ultimately, you will have a much greater sense of security not only in eternal life but in the here and now when you understand Jesus shocking request and what it means for you!

Join me this weekend online live or at our campus for A Shocking Request, you’ll be glad you did!


This weekend at Alive our Crosstown kids (PreK- K) are leaning Jesus’ words from Luke 1:37; “For nothing is impossible with God.” (NIV) We are partnering with you to develop our kids faith journey! Konnect (Grades 1,2,3) are in a series they are calling “Fish In Heaven”. This week they will be exploring what the Bible says about heaven. In the Loop (Grades 4,5,6) the kids are learning about Faith. And for parents who have kids in Switch (7-12 grade) they are wrapping up a series this weekend titled “Booty God Booty” and are studying about the fact that you are who God says you are.