The Secret To Transformational Change

changeWe all have a natural desire to grow, improve, and to get better.  That desire comes from the potential we know is within us. We try many things that promise to make our life better. Unfortunately, we often lose our enthusiasm quickly and fall back into old patterns of living with no change, no growth and, no improvement. To truly reach your potential, you need growth and change to last; you need it to transform you and the deepest part of you.

As you head into the New Year and are thinking of those resolutions or goals to help you improve your life next year, here is a secret that will help you make transformational life changes, lasting change.


You will find unending enthusiasm to fulfill and live a goal hidden within your motivation. You have to have a passion that will last. If you are going to reach your goal and see transformational change, you must have a motivation that will continue to fulfill enthusiasm. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing great is ever accomplished without enthusiasm.” Ask yourself if you have a powerful enough motivation to be transformed.

Weak motivation will lead to a death of enthusiasm and often a quick failure. For instance, many people start out the New Year wanting to get in shape. When asked why, they respond with something like, “My 25th high school reunion is this next summer”, or “I want to look better”. While it is perfectly fine to want to look better especially for your 25th reunion, you have to ask if that is motivating enough to help you get and stay in shape. What happens after the reunion is over? Will you still have the same enthusiasm?

What about when you face difficulties, delays, or dead ends? How do you stay enthusiastic about something like your health and being in shape beyond the high school reunion? The secret is found in your motivation. Compare the motivation of wanting to get in shape for a high school reunion, that will come and go, to that of living a long healthy life, staying active and vibrant until the very end.

Motivation For Any Goal

Regardless of what goal or resolution you are setting your sights on for 2015, health, spiritual, relational or financial, whatever area of life, the secret is found in your motivation. The greater the motivation, the greater the potential for lasting enthusiasm that will result in transformational change.


What are the changes you need to make most on your Life Palette in 2015? What’s your motivation?