Putting Together Your Success Strategy

What I Learned From Playing Yahtzee

SuccessSo, I won’t go as far as to say that I learned how to develop successful strategies for living life as a masterpiece from Yahtzee, but having played quite a bit with my kids as of recent, I have seen some parallels.

The First Step Of Your Success Strategy

Yahtzee is known for being a game of chance. While I’ll admit there is some chance to the roll of the dice, there is much more to it than just luck or chance. It’s what you do with the rolls that count.

There are many things in life that you cannot control, so quit wasting energy trying. However, you can always control how you react to situations; you can control your attitude in every situation. This is part of living successfully as a masterpiece, making sure that you have the right attitudes and reactions on your Life Palette regardless of what comes your way. (Attitude is something I wrote extensively about in my book Life Palette, “God created a masterpiece…and it’s you!”)

Making the most of all that life brings your way is a key for successfully living as the masterpiece you were created to be. You will rarely have the perfect Yahtzee roll. When you do, celebrate. Otherwise, make the most of it. The same is true with life. All of it together makes for success.

Play Your Own Scorecard

On the subject of success and winning: in the game of Yahtzee, as in the game of life, it’s not about beating everyone else. If that becomes your focus you will quickly end up on the loosing side. It’s about strategically making the most of what you are given: your gifts, your talents, your personality, your hopes and dreams…everything…you get the picture. Quit focusing on others and whether or not they are ahead of you or behind you on the score card of life. Take care of your scorecard. Your strategy for living as a masterpiece is all about your scorecard – not theirs!

Always, Always, Always Have Fun

I have a lot of fun when I play Yahtzee with my family. We interact and communicate during the game about a lot more than just Yahtzee, it’s a time to build and enjoy our relationships with one another. The same is true with your work and your life. Let me ask you a simple “yes” or “no” question: are you having fun? Are you enjoying the journey? If the answer is “no” than what are you going to do about it? While everything you go through in life is not necessarily fun, there are times of sorrow and sadness, there should always be a joy about doing what you do that makes life fun overall.

In my work, as a leader, I get a chance to talk with and coach other leaders. Many times I have asked that question of others: are you still having fun in this position of leadership? When the answer is no, I challenge them to either get back to the joy of doing what they do, get back to having fun or move on to something else. Life is too short for you and it is especially to short for those you lead.

By the way, a big part of having fun in Yahtzee is celebrating with others as they roll a good roll!

Go For It

The last lesson I want to share about putting together your success strategy for masterpiece living from the game of Yahtzee is this: Go For It. You only get a Yahtzee by taking a risk. You may have to scratch a box, but the thrill of getting the roll you are going for out weighs the losses. Don’t live life just for the sake of comfort and security. Go for it. The people who live in the greatest fulfillment and success at some point had to risk it all and go for it.

Your potential as a masterpiece can only be released as you go for it!

Success Strategy:

1. Remember it’s not about chance – you are in control of your attitude.
2. Play your own scorecard. Live your life not someone else’s.
3. Have fun! Do what gives you great joy! You will do better and be most effective.
4. Go for it. Live today as if it were your last. You can’t get what you don’t go for.

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