Potential: 3 Components For Reaching Yours


Everyone has potential. That is to say everyone has possibilities and capabilities of becoming more and achieving more than they actually are at this moment.  Unrealized dreams, songs that need to be written, Inventions that need to be created and engineered, unwritten books that will give voice to the message you are passionate about, empty canvases waiting to be painted on to add beauty to this world, businesses that will meet needs and provide jobs for others in the community.

But, you already knew that, not only about others but about yourself. In fact, what I know about you is that if you are a person reading this blog (Life Palette) that you are a person who has a sense that you were created for a destiny and purpose and you are committed to living it out so that you will fulfill your God given potential as His masterpiece.

All of us are heart broken when we see people who have made a choice to stay where they are in life and have no motivation to reach their full potential. You probably know a person like that, someone who you know has great potential but they are content to simply get by. Content to live below the privilege God has given them. Like all of us they have potential but are unwilling to do what is necessary to reach and fulfill it: change.

Growth = Change

Growing towards living out your full potential requires change. Not change simply for the sake of change but calculated change that will help you navigate your personal growth. Problem is that most of us don’t like change and resist change, but growth = change. Author John Maxwell, at one of his seminars, said this about change: “People change when they hurt enough they have to, learn enough they want to, or grow enough they can.”  The key to reaching, living and fulfilling your potential is growth and growth = change.

Initiate Change

Don’t wait until you hurt enough you have to change. Begin living a lifestyle that initiates change for the sake of growth. It is the highest form of living. There are things that you can change today that you know is keeping you from becoming all God created you to be as His masterpiece. Do it! Initiate the change; don’t put it off another moment. It may be a habit or a lack of discipline, a way of thinking, writing out your goals or initiating a growth plan. Some things will take time but you can initiate the change in your mind, heart and lifestyle right this moment. Get going!

Why today? Why right this moment? Because you are more than what you have done in the past. You are more than you are at this very moment. You are full of untapped, unreached potential. Transform your thinking this very moment to becoming a dedicated self-developer. No one can do that for you. Not even God – He will give you the strength, wisdom and power when you ask Him but He will not take away the freedom that He has given you to waste your life and potential should you choose to do so.

I am committed to helping you navigate and understand how to grow in this process of reaching your full potential as God’s masterpiece but you alone can initiate the changes necessary.

Benefits Of  Your Potential 

“What’s in it for me” is a legitimate question that we all ask and as an author and speaker it is a question that I strive to answer every time I write or speak. The benefits of being committed to change for the sake of growth and initiating that change in your life right now are more than simply reaching your potential. Let’s face it, reaching your potential is a life long journey. As you near the end of your life you will definitely have that sense of having “done it” and the satisfaction of knowing you didn’t waste your life and that you can leave this earth without regret.

But I’m talking about today, right now, this very moment: contentment. The happiest people in the world are those who are growing every day, they recognize that today’s growth is a step toward reaching their full God-given potential in this life and they are able to live in complete contentment.  The apostle Paul writing to Timothy in the Bible wrote these words:  “…godliness with contentment is great gain.” (1 Tim 6:6-7 NIV)

What are your thoughts about potential and what is holding you back? I would love to engage in a conversation about your journey, just click on the “contact” button above and let me know you thoughts or questions.

Life Palette